Two souls

I remember that afternoon that you were staring at me. You didn’t knew my name, I didn’t knew yours but still our souls connected at moment. You had a mystery in your eyes that left me perplexed, automatically you entered in my head. What type of spell did you put on me? Because I can’t take you out of my head.

Anxiety started to kick in, I must find out the origin of what we felt that day. It can’t be a coincidence, coincidences like this one doesn’t exist. That connection must be something more.

We started talking and holy shit… every time that I know you a bit more, you keep surprising me. Your thoughts about life, your heart, your feelings, your mindset, everything about you is so freaking awesome.

What are the odds to find someone that has the same anxiety problems, the same mindset, the same motivation to improve every day. And what surprised me the most was… that you also deal with an obsession for perfection. What are the fucking odds?

To be continued…


Whoever You Want Me To Be


Obsession for Perfection

I don’t know if you guys relate to this but since I can remember I’ve been that guy that overthinks everything, even the simple things. 6:34 pm and I already know what I’m going to do tomorrow, at what time I’m going to eat, sleep and everything. In some cases this is good because I’m prepared for everything but I’ve lost so many things for being like this. I always want that everything turns up perfect, without mistakes. But you know something funny? All the fucking time I ruin things because of my obsession for perfection. Probably that’s the reason why I’m not able to have a stable relationship.

Two weeks ago something changed my mindset, one guy from the university told me “Dude you’re so obsessed planning all of your future that you forgot to be happy, you forgot to enjoy the journey. Stop worrying about your future and enjoy the present because at the end this moment, right now is the only thing that is real.” Holy shit guys, that made me meditate a lot. Since then I’ve been letting go this obsession, now I’m just living the present without caring about the aftermath.

Fuck it!!! Just fucking enjoy the present. If you want to get a girl’s number, fucking ask for it. If you want to take a girl out, fucking go for it. What is the worst thing that could happen? Tell me. That she declines your offer? So who the fuck cares, it’s her loss.


Whoever You Want Me To Be